The Antisocial Network

“The Antisocial Network” delves into the detrimental impact of anonymous websites and online communities that extend their influence into governmental affairs. The documentary is poised for release on an OTT platform in the near future.

Where to Watch “The Antisocial Network: Memes to Mayhem”

Streaming powerhouse Netflix is set to premiere the series on April 5, 2024. This docufilm narrates a tale of the dark side of the internet.

The latest documentary ventures into the perils of internet culture, where users often abandon norms for extreme actions.

The trailer opens with a depiction of bored internet users founding a website that swiftly evolves into a hub of meme culture. As the narrative progresses, it unveils the unsettling trend of trivializing serious topics into jokes or memes, alongside thought-provoking discussions about the internet’s impact.

The film highlights The 4chan channel, notorious for its widespread dissemination of memes that eventually encroached upon governmental matters. What initially began as light-hearted humor soon took a serious turn, impacting millions.

The documentary zeroes in on a specific website credited with fueling meme culture, disseminating misleading information, and influencing public opinion. It also explores the connection between Donald Trump’s presidency and the riots that erupted in America, posing a significant threat to governmental stability.


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