Sugar 2024 tv series review

For some, the mere hint of a “twist” in a film or TV series triggers an allergic reaction, causing a mental scramble to decode hidden meanings and unravel the narrative before it unfolds. However, I’ll fearlessly disclose that Apple TV+’s “Sugar” is indeed a mystery with a twist. Mark Protosevich’s creation doesn’t shy away from teasing viewers with hints and clues right from the start, culminating in a significant revelation midway through the series. While this approach may work well for a concise 100-minute film, it feels somewhat stretched across an eight-episode format, especially when most episodes clock in under 40 minutes.

The issue with “Sugar” isn’t the effectiveness of its twist; it’s genuinely intriguing. However, the bulk of this intrigue is reserved for a potential second season. The first season hinges on deliberate ambiguity, a move that risks dampening the audience’s interest in the otherwise familiar and somewhat mundane primary plot.

At its surface, “Sugar” follows the exploits of John Sugar (played by Farrell), a stylish private investigator specializing in locating missing persons for affluent clients. Despite his aversion to violence, Sugar proves adept at handling it when necessary, all while sporting bespoke suits and showcasing his linguistic prowess.

Set primarily in Los Angeles, the story kicks off with Sugar’s assignment to find the missing granddaughter of a renowned film producer. As he delves deeper into the case, encountering a slew of characters including family members, former stars, and dubious associates, the narrative gradually unveils layers of mystery and intrigue.

Protosevich cleverly peppers the dialogue with cryptic references and enigmatic elements, hinting at a broader conspiracy lurking beneath the surface. Directors like Fernando Meirelles enhance the atmosphere of uncertainty through dynamic camerawork, emphasizing tight close-ups and skewed angles to keep viewers guessing.

Amidst the unfolding mystery, “Sugar” pays homage to classic Hollywood cinema, with Farrell’s portrayal exuding a cool, retro vibe reminiscent of noir detectives. Yet, despite its cinematic allure, the series struggles to maintain momentum, weighed down by a prolonged buildup to the central reveal.

While the ensemble cast delivers commendable performances, the narrative falters in fully utilizing its supporting characters, leaving some feeling underdeveloped or misused. Despite its potential, “Sugar” falls short of delivering a truly gripping mystery, failing to engage viewers beyond surface-level intrigue.

In essence, “Sugar” presents a tantalizing premise overshadowed by a drawn-out narrative, leaving audiences craving the transformative payoff promised by its twist. While there’s undeniable potential for a compelling series, the first season’s reluctance to fully embrace its true identity ultimately undermines its initial allure.


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