Spaceman 2024 movie review

“Spaceman” marks Netflix’s latest foray into sci-fi storytelling, but despite its intriguing premise, the film falls short of its creative potential. Directed by Johan Renck and adapted from Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel “Spaceman of Bohemia,” the movie follows the journey of Jakub Procházka, played by Adam Sandler, a Czech astronaut on a solitary space mission marred by personal and existential crises.

Sandler brings a tender vulnerability to his portrayal of Jakub, whose year-long mission coincides with the unraveling of his marriage. However, the script fails to fully capitalize on this emotional depth, offering simplistic dialogue that often feels uninspired. Carey Mulligan’s character, Lenka, fares even worse, serving as little more than a plot device to further Jakub’s narrative arc.

The heart of the film lies in the relationship between Jakub and an extraterrestrial creature named Hanuš, voiced by Paul Dano. Dano’s performance injects life into Hanuš, whose curiosity about human emotions sparks an unconventional friendship with Jakub. Their interactions provide moments of humor and poignancy, offering a refreshing contrast to the film’s more mundane moments.

While Renck establishes emotional resonance towards the climax, the pacing suffers from a sluggish second act filled with lackluster montages and heavy-handed exposition. The ending, though moving, feels somewhat rushed, leaving the audience longing for more meaningful stakes earlier in the story.

Visually, “Spaceman” impresses with its meticulous spacecraft design and striking special effects, reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s work. However, it occasionally succumbs to Netflix’s signature visual style, reminiscent of other streaming service productions.

Ultimately, “Spaceman” falls short of its potential, delivering a visually captivating but narratively underwhelming experience. Despite strong performances and striking visuals, the film fails to fully explore its compelling premise, leaving audiences with a sense of missed opportunity.


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