Shirley 2024 movie review

The new Netflix film “Shirley” offers a significant spotlight on Shirley Chisholm, the trailblazing figure who made history as the first Black woman to pursue a presidential nomination from a major party. While the biopic effectively illuminates the challenging landscape faced by Chisholm during her groundbreaking 1972 campaign, it struggles to fully capture the dramatic potential inherent in her historic endeavor.

Set against the backdrop of a society still grappling with racial and gender biases, “Shirley” poignantly illustrates the prevailing skepticism and dismissiveness that greeted Chisholm’s candidacy. In a world where her aspirations were met with incredulity and apathy, the film paints a vivid picture of the uphill battle she faced in garnering support and legitimacy for her campaign.

However, the very futility of Chisholm’s efforts ultimately undermines the film’s narrative impact. As the campaign consistently languishes with minimal voter traction, the intense strategy sessions depicted in the film often veer into the realm of dark comedy. Each meticulously crafted plan devised by the campaign staff unravels in the face of overwhelming indifference, highlighting the inherent challenges of championing a candidate who fails to resonate with the electorate.

Moreover, “Shirley” inadvertently exposes the shortcomings of Chisholm as a candidate, casting doubt on her viability and leadership capabilities. Despite Regina King’s compelling portrayal, the film portrays Chisholm as brittle and obstinate, resistant to constructive counsel and unable to inspire confidence in her candidacy. This portrayal inadvertently raises questions about Chisholm’s suitability for the presidency, shifting the narrative tone from one of inspiration to one of resignation.

While “Shirley” effectively sheds light on an important chapter in American political history, its portrayal of Chisholm’s campaign leaves audiences grappling with conflicting sentiments. While her perseverance in the face of adversity is commendable, the film’s depiction of her shortcomings as a candidate detracts from the overall narrative impact. In the end, “Shirley” serves as a thought-provoking exploration of a pivotal moment in time, but one that falls short of fully capturing the complexities and nuances of Chisholm’s remarkable journey.


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