Rumble Through the Dark 2023 movie review

Aaron Eckhart brings a remarkable intensity to a predictable and melodramatic thriller in Rumble Through the Dark. The seasoned actor portrays Jack “The Butcher” Boucher, a bare-knuckle cage fighter caught in a desperate struggle to repay substantial debts. Flashbacks reveal his troubled childhood and the loving foster mother who shaped him, while in the present, fate intertwines him with Annette, a young stripper searching for answers to her past. Together, they find strength in their bond to confront a looming crisis. While the film delivers impactful moments, it occasionally falters with a sluggish script and questionable directorial choices.

In Natchez, Mississippi, Jack, bloodied and battered, recalls his tumultuous past with foster mother MaryAnn. His present-day struggles lead him to a casino, aiming for a big win to settle his debts. However, trouble follows, and Jack must rely on his brass knuckles to navigate dangerous encounters. Meanwhile, Annette, riding with carnival leader Baron, stumbles upon a mysterious truck in a cornfield. As their paths intersect, Jack faces a series of challenges, leading to a climactic showdown orchestrated by the menacing Big Momma Sweet.

Rumble Through the Dark unfolds in two timelines, with Jack’s traumatic experiences triggering flashbacks to his youth. Suffering from brain damage, Jack sees MaryAnn as a guiding presence amid his physical trials. The childhood scenes provide a backdrop for understanding his resilient response to adversity, fueled by past traumas.

Directors Graham and Parker Phillips employ a shaky camera technique to mirror Jack’s fragile mental state, attempting to visually convey his confusion. However, the constant jarring movements become tiresome and detract from the intended emotional impact. Additionally, the use of a stark color palette in flashback scenes feels overdone and disrupts the narrative flow.

Despite these drawbacks, Aaron Eckhart’s compelling performance steals the spotlight. Enduring a brutal physical toll, Eckhart showcases Jack’s unwavering commitment to those he cares about. The climactic fight scenes are grueling, with Eckhart’s portrayal elevating the film’s intensity.

While Rumble Through the Dark has its shortcomings, it remains a showcase for Aaron Eckhart’s talent and dedication to his craft. The film, produced by Elevated, Crooked Letter Picture Company, and Foresight, will see a simultaneous theatrical, digital, and VOD release on November 3rd, followed by a DVD/Blu-ray release on December 19th from Lionsgate.


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