Pokémon Concierge 2023 tv series review

Throughout the vast existence of the Pokémon franchise, the central focus has consistently revolved around battles, championships, and the quest to become the ultimate Pokémon master. However, Pokémon Concierge takes a bold departure from this familiar formula, offering a soothing slice-of-life narrative that emphasizes the joy these creatures bring to the world.

This new Netflix series serves as a refreshing addition to the expansive Pokémon universe, leveraging its shift in tone to great effect, especially with its stop-motion animation style. Distancing itself from the seriousness of the original Pokémon anime or games, Concierge presents a cute and feel-good perspective on what it would be like not only to coexist with these creatures but to prioritize their needs, akin to caring for a pet.

Concierge skillfully captures the playful nature of Pokémon when they are not compelled into aggression and battles. It introduces personality quirks for every type of creature, revealing the mischief of Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear, the adorable commitment to sunbathing by Eevee, and the feistiness of Rattata. The show delves into character development and growth for certain Pokémon, offering them full arcs within the narrative.

While the Pokémon Resort featured in Concierge may be a novel addition to the franchise, it feels like a well-established world with a rich backstory that predates the series. The resort becomes a vibrant ecosystem, with Pokémon that have inhabited it for generations, contributing to its history. Think Pokémon meets Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Beyond its whimsical and carefree ambiance, Concierge stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. While the human characters and scenery are sculpted from clay, the Pokémon are crafted from various textures that correspond to their types. Pokémon Concierge is a meticulously packaged offering, and its four-episode run feels criminally short for such a fully realized and remarkable world, complemented by exceptional voice acting in both Japanese and English, along with a summery soundtrack featuring a new track sung by Japanese city-pop icon Mariya Takeuchi.

The narrative provides a refreshing change from the traditional Pokémon storyline. We follow Haru, a young adult undergoing a career change, discovering through the Pokémon Resort how to let go of worries and live in the moment. Haru’s task is to help Pokémon live their best lives, leading to her developing a meaningful companionship with a shy Psyduck.

For pet owners, Haru’s struggles in understanding the needs of Pokémon may resonate more than the challenges faced by Ash. The series offers a tidy and complete arc for Haru and Psyduck, sprinkled with adventures featuring Pikachu, Dragonite, and other iconic Pokémon. While it may not boast the deepest or most complex storyline in the Pokémon universe, it undeniably provides a calming and enjoyable experience.

Pikachu and Ash may forever be the iconic mascot duo, but Concierge convincingly demonstrates that there are endless and captivating stories to be told in the Pokémon world, even without them. So, forget the battles and the pursuit of Pokémon mastery – step into this delightful and fluffy iteration of the Pokémon universe.


By acinetv