Players 2024 movie review

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for its upcoming romantic comedy “Players,” written by Whit Anderson and directed by Trish Sie, known for her work on “Pitch Perfect 3.” The film centers around Mack, a New York sportswriter, who finds herself unexpectedly falling for a man originally intended for a casual hookup. Gina Rodriguez of “Jane the Virgin” fame stars as Mack, with Tom Ellis from “Lucifer” portraying Nick, her charming love interest.

The trailer offers a glimpse into Mack and her friends’ elaborate scheme to secure a one-night stand, a routine they’ve perfected over time. However, Mack’s intentions take a surprising turn when she develops genuine feelings for her fling. As Mack grapples with her newfound emotions, her friends rally to help her navigate the complexities of keeping hold of “New York’s most eligible bachelor.”

Beyond the captivating storyline, “Players” boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring Damon Wayans Jr. from “New Girl” as Adam, Mack’s loyal best friend, alongside Augustus Prew, Marin Hinkle, Joel Courtney, Liza Koshy, and Ego Nwodim.

Director Trish Sie brings her expertise from dance films and music videos, having demonstrated her flair for romantic and comedic storytelling in the acclaimed “Sitting in Bars with Cake” last year. With Sie at the helm, “Players” promises a delightful blend of romance and humor.

Scheduled for release on February 14, 2024, Netflix is banking on “Players” to charm audiences just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether it will join the ranks of Netflix’s beloved romance films remains to be seen, but with its talented cast and promising premise, “Players” is poised to capture hearts and spark laughter in equal measure.


By acinetv