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Giancarlo Esposito’s portrayal of cool badasses and memorable villains continues to captivate audiences, ensuring that we’re not yet fatigued by his on-screen presence. AMC’s latest crime drama, “Parish,” may not stray far from classic genre tropes, being based on the 2014 British miniseries “The Driver,” but it offers an intriguing cast led by Esposito, a fresh ambiance, and a lived-in atmosphere that elevates it slightly above average. Drawing comparisons to “Your Honor,” “Ozark,” and “Ray Donovan” amalgamated on a smaller scale, it promises a familiar yet engaging narrative.

Gracian “Gray” Parish, portrayed by Esposito, is a family man grappling with financial woes and personal losses. His limousine service business struggles, and impending foreclosure threatens his cherished family home. Still mourning his teenage son’s tragic death, Gray’s life takes a drastic turn when Colin, an old associate from his criminal past, seeks his aid. Colin owes a debt to a Zimbabwean crime lord, Horse, leading Gray into a perilous venture involving his unique skills and discretion. However, as expected, complications arise, plunging Gray into a perilous descent that jeopardizes his family’s safety.

While the plot of “Parish” lacks originality, offering few surprises for genre enthusiasts, its adept execution builds tension through a menacing atmosphere filled with violence, gore, and gripping action sequences. Moreover, the inclusion of the Zimbabwean crime family adds cultural richness, offering layered antagonists with distinct traditions and perspectives, a refreshing departure from conventional crime narratives.

However, “Parish” falters in its portrayal of Gray’s familial dynamics, succumbing to melodrama that occasionally overwhelms, detracting from the series’ overall impact. Despite this, Esposito’s commanding performance, alongside standout portrayals by Zackary Momoh and Ivan Mbakop, infuses the narrative with depth and intensity. Nevertheless, the series struggles to maintain coherence, juggling multiple subplots and characters within its limited six-episode runtime.

Ultimately, “Parish” overextends itself, attempting to blend heart-wrenching family drama with an epic gangster narrative, but failing to fully realize either aspect. While ambitious, its execution falls short, hindered by tonal inconsistencies and narrative shortcomings. Yet, for viewers seeking familiar crime drama fare, “Parish” may find an audience, despite its shortcomings. While it may not reach the heights of acclaimed series like “Breaking Bad” or “Ozark,” it offers a compelling if flawed, viewing experience.


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