Paris Christmas Waltz 2023 tv movie review

Michael and Janeen Damian, the creative minds behind Hallmark’s 2020 enchanting film “The Christmas Waltz,” featuring Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp, are set to produce a sequel for the Great American Family’s festive lineup, known as the Great American Christmas programming block. Titled “Paris Christmas Waltz,” this new holiday spectacle stars Matthew Morrison (known for his role in “Glee”) and Jen Lilley (recognized for her roles in “B&B Merry” and “Days of Our Lives”).

Captured on the picturesque streets of Paris, the film vows to transport viewers into the enchanting magic of the city’s most iconic locales. In “Paris Christmas Waltz,” Emma (played by Lilley) altruistically steps away from her job so that a colleague with a family can retain his position. As Emma contemplates the next chapter of her life, she encounters Leo (portrayed by Morrison), a professional dancer whose passion for competitive dancing is fading. However, an extraordinary opportunity arises for the novice to team up with the pro, and together, they aim to captivate all of Paris with their dance.

Great American Christmas is making its comeback on October 21, presenting new holiday movie premieres every Saturday and Sunday, along with 24/7 Christmas movies continuing through the end of the year.

Michael Damian, renowned for his portrayal of Danny Romalotti on “The Young and the Restless,” has collaborated with his wife Janeen on an impressive roster of 17 original movies, including the highest-rated holiday film of 2020, “The Christmas Waltz.” The dynamic duo co-wrote all 17 films, with Michael Damian directing all except “Falling for Christmas” and “Irish Wish,” which were helmed by Janeen Damian.

The prolific pair also delivered the Great American Christmas hit of 2021 with “A Hot Cocoa Christmas.”

“Paris Christmas Waltz” boasts an executive production team including Brad Krevoy, Amy Krell, Jimmy Townsend, and Lorenzo Nardini, with Janeen Damian taking on the role of producer. Michael Damian directs this captivating holiday tale based on an original screenplay crafted by Janeen Damian.


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