O Primeiro Natal do Mundo 2023 movie review

The Pinheiro Lima family, led by PepĂȘ, a widowed history teacher, and father of two daughters, alongside his new wife Tina, a divorced chef and mother of two children, find themselves plunged into chaos on Christmas Eve. The unexpected occurs when one of the children’s wishes for Christmas to vanish miraculously comes true. Suddenly, the festive season is erased from existence, leading to a world devoid of the joyous celebration.

In this holiday-less reality, the Pinheiro Lima family discovers the profound impact of Christmas on their lives. Without this cherished occasion, the simple pleasures of life and the ability to appreciate togetherness, extend forgiveness, and embrace new beginnings are lost. Recognizing the void left by the absence of Christmas, the family embarks on a heartfelt journey to restore the holiday’s spirit and traditions.

Amid a world where the concept of Christmas is unknown, the Pinheiro Lima family endeavors to introduce the magic of the season to those who have never experienced its warmth. As they navigate this unfamiliar terrain, they encounter challenges and surprises, striving to recreate the festive atmosphere and share the joy that comes with the holiday.

In their quest to revive the Christmas spirit, the family discovers the significance of traditions, the power of love, and the resilience of the human spirit. Through their efforts, they aim to not only rediscover the joy of Christmas themselves but also to spread its magic to others in a world where the concept of this beloved holiday has been erased.


By acinetv