My Brother, My Sister 2021 Netflix’s Italian Drama

My Brother, My Sister 2021 Netflix’s Italian Drama


Alessandro Preziosi (Detective De Luca, Medici) and Claudia Pandolfi (Baby, Made in Italy) star in My Brother, My Sister (Mio fratello, mia sorella), playing siblings Nik and Tesla.

On the death of their father, Tesla and Nik, who have not seen each other for more than twenty years, find themselves having to live together for a year under the same roof, due to a singular succession agreement in the will.

Tesla’s children — Sebastiano (newcomer Francesco Cavallo) and Carolina (Ludovica Martino, SKAM Italia) — also live in the house. Sebastiano is a talented cellist and high-functioning schizophrenic, and Tesla has dedicated her life to caring for him (in an obsessive and suffocating manner), while her relationship with Carolina is conflicting.

This difficult coexistence triggers clashes and quarrels between opposites Nik and Tesla, but also gives birth to a strong bond between Nik and Sebastiano. Over time, they all will gradually find a balance, until a series of events forces them to deal with their fears and secrets — putting them on a difficult journey toward forgiveness and acceptance of themselves and their emotional and family ties.

Costars include Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) as Giada and Stella Egitto (Detective Montalbano) as Emma.

A production of Lotus Production, a Leone Film Group company, in association with MEDIASET, the film is directed by Roberto Capucci (Ovunque tu sarai), written by Roberto Capucci and Paola Mammini (Perfect Strangers), and produced by Marco Belardi (Forgive Us Our Debts).

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