Miracle in Bethlehem

In the heartwarming tale from DaySpring, we follow the journey of Mary Ann Brubeck, a successful and fiercely independent woman who has recently adopted a daughter just in time for Christmas. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when inclement weather leaves them stranded in Bethlehem, PA.

Faced with the challenge of finding accommodation, Mary Ann and her adopted baby discover a unique sense of community in the quaint town. With no room available at the inn, their only option is to seek shelter with Joe, the brother of the innkeeper. Joe, a quintessential bachelor, becomes an unlikely host, and the unfolding events in Bethlehem teach Mary Ann the true value of community, love, and the warmth found in unexpected places during the holiday season. DaySpring invites audiences to join Mary Ann on her transformative journey, where the magic of Christmas lies not only in the joy of adoption but also in the heartwarming embrace of a close-knit community.


By acinetv