Mila in the Multiverse 2023 tv series review

Mila no Multiverso Aka Mila in the Multiverse is a Brazilian Adventure-Drama TV Series (2023). Laura Luz, Rafaela Mandelli, Malu Mader are the main cast of Mila no Multiverso Aka Mila in the Multiverse TV Series (2023). Mila no Multiverso, Disney+’s first-ever science fiction national series, is available exclusive to the service on the 25th of January. Directed by Julia Jordao. The relationship between them starts to shift completely after Mila finds out what Elis was doing all the time in her lab.

Creative, curious, joyful, and full of compassion. The young actress Laura Luz plays Mila, a charming and friendly sixteen-year-old teen. Empathy and charismatic she’s the type of girl who is kind to everyone equally, connects with friends quickly, is passionate about combating social injustices, and supports diversity. Mila no Multiverso is Disney+’s most recent national bet. It also debuts the first platform-exclusive science fiction series.

For her 16th birthday, Mila receives a very special present. Mila can now travel back and forth between different parallel universes to look for her mother, Elis. But Mila soon discovers that her mother’s disappearance is just the beginning of the story and her journey. Since Elis found out that several universes actually exist in parallel, she has been hunted by a mysterious group called “Os Operadores”. Mila has to adjust to this new and extremely dangerous situation and receives support from her friends Juliana, Vinícius and Pierre. Together with them Mila travels the huge multiverse in search of her mother Elis. An unbelievable adventure full of surprises and dangers awaits the friends.


By acinetv