Lover, Stalker, Killer 2024 tv series review

Viewers of true-crime documentaries who are in committed relationships might find solace in watching “Lover, Stalker, Killer,” a gripping portrayal of a scandalous series of events directed by Sam Hobkinson.

The narrative unfolds in 2012, where Dave Kroupa, an auto mechanic from Omaha, finds himself single and eager to mingle after a breakup. He encounters Liz Golyar on a dating app, a woman with a penchant for bowling and a rebellious streak evident from archival footage showing her flipping off security cameras. Concurrently, believing their relationship to be casual, Dave also becomes involved with Cari Farver.

However, Farver’s behavior takes a dark turn, bombarding Dave with a barrage of threatening texts and emails. The screen fills with vulgarities, and the soundtrack becomes saturated with digital glitches as the virtual harassment escalates. Matters take a sinister turn when Golyar’s house mysteriously burns down.

As the disturbing events unfold, Farver remains elusive. The complexity of the situation might have been simplified with the application of Occam’s razor, had all the relevant details been known at the time. Nevertheless, the documentary unravels several unexpected twists that even the most astute armchair detectives could not have anticipated.

The filmmakers employ a degree of narrative manipulation, presenting real-life participants recounting events as if certain facts were not already public knowledge during the interviews. Additionally, staged footage, including scenes featuring Midwest law enforcement, adds to the storytelling. While some may critique these techniques, the overall result is a brisk and engaging narrative, clocking in at a tight 90 minutes.


By acinetv