Love in Fairhope 2023 tv series review

Navigating the dating scene in a small town is no small feat, and it often comes with its fair share of drama.

Introducing Hulu’s latest offering, “Love in Fairhope,” for which PEOPLE is proud to exclusively unveil the trailer. This series follows the lives of five women in Fairhope, Alabama, as they embark on the quest for love at different junctures in their journeys. “Love in Fairhope” presents itself as “a uniquely unscripted series that transcends the traditional boundaries of the genre, incorporating a touch of Hollywood magic.”

In the trailer, narrator Heather Graham sets the stage: “This is the story of five women in a small town where your dating app comes up empty after two swipes.”

The show takes real individuals and places them in a narrative inspired by their own lives, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. It dares to explore the question: “If you had the opportunity to bring your dream love story to life on television, what would it look like?” The ensemble cast of “Love in Fairhope” includes Abby Mannich, Claiborne Walsh, LaShoundra Young, Mya Jo Williams, and Olivia Ogletree. While their paths may not often cross on the show, their collective pursuit of romance in the heart of small-town Alabama unites them.

Heather Graham, at 53, offers her insights: “When it comes down to it, we all want the same thing: real, true love.”

Mannich, aged 33, returns to her Fairhope roots after dreaming of the big city life. She reconnects with her ex, Trevor, who has a rebellious streak. Determined not to repeat her past mistakes, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Artist and poet Walsh, now 76, finds herself widowed after 55 years of marriage. With the support of her single friends and daughter Aleen, she ventures into the world of modern dating in her 70s, seeking someone who can make her laugh.

“I would like to find somebody that can make me laugh,” shares Walsh.

Young, the wife of the town’s pastor, makes the bold decision to divorce her husband Kendall due to his risky business choices, which have impacted their family. Now a 41-year-old single mother, she is navigating the terrain of singlehood and exploring whether new love awaits her in Fairhope.

“I am afraid of being in a new relationship,” confesses Young in the trailer.

Following her college graduation, 21-year-old Williams returns to her hometown of Fairhope with the hope that her childhood crush, Nick, will see her as more than just a friend. Her dreams are shattered when she discovers that Nick has a new girlfriend. However, her high school boyfriend, Kirk, unexpectedly reenters her life, setting the stage for a love triangle in this close-knit town.

Lastly, 32-year-old Ogletree, the daughter of town socialite and real estate mogul Paige Dawson, embarks on a same-sex relationship with Tori as she pursues her dream of starting a family on her own. Of course, her choices raise eyebrows in the conservative Bible Belt of America.


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