LA Fire and Rescue

Attention, devoted fans of Chicago Fire longing for the show’s return, NBC has a special treat to help ease the hiatus blues this summer.

Debuting this Wednesday at 8/7c, LA Fire & Rescue is an exciting new documentary series produced by Dick Wolf, the mastermind behind #OneChicago. This captivating show offers an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. While our beloved Windy City firefighters battle snow, narrow streets, and aging structures, the courageous first responders in Los Angeles face their own unique set of challenges that demand unwavering dedication.

Covering a vast area of 2,300 square miles, serving 59 cities across L.A. County, LA Fire & Rescue tackles a multitude of emergencies. Captain Dan Olivas, a veteran leader at Station 16 in Watts for 18 years, shares with TVLine in a joint interview with Fire star David Eigenberg, “We encounter raging brush fires, structure fires, mountain rescues, helicopters, camp crews, lifeguards, fireboats—the list goes on. Our department boasts a wealth of resources that surpass those of many other departments in the country. One day, I could be navigating the city’s streets, and the next, I could find myself battling a ferocious wildland fire. Not many departments have that level of diversity. That’s what sets us apart.”

Yet, amidst the differences, LA Fire & Rescue and the fictional Firehouse 51 share a common thread that will resonate with #OneChicago enthusiasts. Eigenberg highlights the powerful bonds formed on the job, saying, “Chicago Fire boasts an exceptional ensemble of individuals, and spending time with these first responders and firefighters from the LACoFD, I can attest that they are remarkable individuals. Viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lives of a closely-knit family, just as we do in Chicago with our fellow actors and the real firefighters.”

Eigenberg further adds, “While we may not be able to showcase certain aspects, these brave individuals will bring them to light. Prepare to witness extraordinary moments that reveal the best of humanity, showcasing the remarkable men and women who protect and serve.”

So, for those yearning for the thrilling world of Chicago Fire, LA Fire & Rescue promises to captivate your heart with its genuine portrayal of heroes in action. Tune in and embark on a riveting journey that unveils the indomitable spirit of these remarkable firefighting teams.

Olivas is eager for viewers to realize that there’s more to his team’s work than just responding to rescue calls.

“They’ll be surprised to see that it’s not solely about fighting fires and handling emergency medical situations. They’ll witness how we actively support and engage with our community,” Olivas reveals. “We visit schools, conduct station tours, and maintain our station. This is our home—we spend a third of our lives here. We take care of our equipment and perform various tasks that the public may not be aware of.”

Now, the burning question arises: Do firefighters indulge in firefighter dramas? Or is it like bringing work home?

“There are definitely guys out there, including myself, who watch Chicago Fire. It’s thrilling. I appreciate what they portray on the show; it’s truly exceptional. I particularly enjoy the character of the chief,” shares Olivas, who also tunes in to CBS’ Fire Country.


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