Knokke Off 2023 tv series trailer

All ten episodes of the inaugural season will make their Netflix debut on December 7th as an original title, following the series’ initial release on local streamer VRT Max between May and June of this year.

Conceived by Anthony Van Biervliet, the show chronicles the summer adventures of a group of teenagers in a seaside town, navigating the realms of love, friendship, and self-discovery—a blend of Outer Banks and Surviving Summer.

The series features a cast including Pommelien Thijs, Willem De Schryver, Eliyha Altena, Ruth Becquart, Geert Van Rampelberg, and Jasmine Sendar.

Adding to Netflix’s collection of Flemish language content, the show joins others acquired over the years, such as Undercover, Rough Diamonds, and Taco Chronicles. While Tabula Rasa left Netflix’s Flemish roster in April, this new addition offers various viewing options, including the original Flemish language with closed captions. Additionally, viewers can choose from English dubbing, along with dubs in French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.


By acinetv