How to Get Rich 2023 Tv Series Review

Between rising interest rates, failing banks, a crypto winter and a stock market that is vacillating between bullish and bearish on a seemingly daily basis, money is on almost everyone’s mind these days.

Enter Netflix, which will release a new unscripted series next month seemingly made for this moment, taking a Marie Kondo approach to money.

Called How to Get Rich, the series will see author and financial adviser Ramit Sethi travel the country helping people master their finances. The show will debut its eight episodes on Netflix on April 18. Yes, that’s Tax Day here in the U.S., a day when money will likely be top of mind for many people.

The series, based on Sethi’s 2009 book I Will Teach You to Be Rich, is from Studio Lambert, the producer of Undercover Boss and The Circle.

“Traditional money advice is about saying ‘no’: No lattes, no vacations, no fun. I believe money is about saying YES to a Rich Life,” Sethi said in a statement. “I’m excited to be launching How to Get Rich on Netflix to share my approach to saving more, investing more and spending more on the things you love with a broader audience.”

Netflix is not exactly CNBC, but it also is no stranger to the world of finance programming, with docuseries like Dirty Money and programs like Money, Explained and Get Smart With Money on the platform. It’s also no stranger to self-improvement programming, with Marie Kondo, a number of home improvement shows and a variety of meditative fare on its platform.


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