Hot Wheels Let's Race

The Racing Camp at Hot Wheels City’s Ultimate Garage is where kids can immerse themselves in the world of Hot Wheels Racing, unlocking their cars’ incredible abilities while learning the skills needed to become true Hot Wheels Racers. With six new participants joining the camp, they’re in for a thrilling adventure filled with mind-blowing races, extreme stunt contests, and exciting challenges.

At the Racing Camp, anything is possible. From zooming around the city’s tracks to setting new personal records, to defying gravity by launching through a robotic cobra’s mouth with four G’s of force, participants will experience adrenaline-pumping thrills that will leave them breathless.

For generations, the words “hot” and “wheels” have been synonymous with toy cars, embodying a brand recognition that Hollywood executives dream of. So it’s no surprise that a Hot Wheels series has finally come to fruition. Announced today, the animated show, titled “Hot Wheels Let’s Race,” is set to premiere later this spring on Netflix. Geared towards kids, the series primarily focuses on the excitement of car races and driving on orange roadways reminiscent of Hot Wheels toys brought to life. Additionally, the show features a theme song performed by Patrick Stump, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy.

With the success of Barbie’s recent movie becoming the #1 film of 2023, it’s inevitable that we’ll see more movies and shows based on toys of all kinds in the coming years. This isn’t Mattel’s first venture into Hot Wheels entertainment. In April 2022, they announced a partnership with J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company to develop a live-action Hot Wheels film. While the project has yet to materialize, it’s a testament to the enduring popularity and potential of the Hot Wheels brand.


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