Grown & Gospel 2023 tv series review

A new reality series is on the way. And this time, it’s centering on the close-knit ties of the gospel music industry. Produced by Carlos King – former executive producer of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and staple at OWN with shows like Belle Collective and Love & Marriage: Huntsville – the show is set in Detroit, Michigan. Each cast member is involved in the business, and has family connections with the greats in the game.

Per an official logline from we TV, the show “is a docu-series following five, career-driven childhood friends searching for success in the Detroit gospel scene and beyond. Navigating the murky waters of the music industry and hustling to step out of the shadows of their prominent parents…this close-knit crew grapples with their strict upbringing and high standards as they push toward being the new generation of Gospel. Hearts are broken, dark secrets revealed, as they work to make names for themselves in the music scene and balance their personal lives with career ambition.” Here is an overview of the cast.

Breeann Hammond
Daughter of Grammy, Dove, and Stella Award winner Fred Hammond, Breeann is returning to the Motor City to give her dreams of musical stardom one more chance. But with little guidance from her legendary father, and the two currently being semi-estranged, she has a lot to prove and has to work ten times harder. She says their estrangement began after her parent’s divorce. Still, she’s hoping they can one day reconcile.

Tasha Page Lockhart

BET’s Sunday Best winner is the daughter of Lisa Page Brooks, one of the original members of the contemporary gospel group, Witness. A mother of two, Lockhart has had hits like “Different” and “Faith Come Alive.” But her marriage has been holding on by faith, and her road to divorce will probably be covered in the series. Like many who grew up under the strict confines of the church, Lockhart rebelled and paid a massive price. Her past mistakes always threaten to sabotage it all, but she refuses to be defined by her sins. Simultaneously, she’s also working on a collaborative project with her stepbrother, J. Brooks, a respected producer.

Elijah Connor
Conner attracted attention after he appeared on The Four. Since then, he’s traded in the traditional gospel music for baby-making R&B, which hasn’t always been well-received by his church community. He also has a certain flare that many consider being “extra,” and his antics and temper often get him into trouble. His goal is to erase the barriers of gospel versus secular music.

Nikkia Beach Cole
Cole is the daughter of the legendary Dorinda Clark Cole of The Clark Sisters. Her relationship with her mother has been tested more times than not due to her being rebellious for much of her young adult life. Now 40, she’s more stable and working as the tour manager for her mother and aunts. But her past baggage is always lurking. Her husband is currently serving out a prison sentence as she and her two children live with her parents.

Shana Wilson-Williams
A singer, wife, and mother of three, raised by two Pastors highly revered in Detroit, she doesn’t always feel welcomed by the gospel community. She often feels like an outsider having to prove herself as she refuses to ride the coattails of her family for her success.


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