Ghostbusters Frozen Empire 2024 movie review

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire returns to the streets of New York City, promising a showdown with a fresh wave of supernatural beings, and this time, there are two generations of Ghostbusters poised for battle. Alongside the continued escapades of the young Spenglers and the ever-charming Gary Grooberson played by Paul Rudd, the original team finds themselves back at the Firehouse. Empire Magazine managed to catch up with them for an exclusive interview featured in our Frozen Empire edition, delving into the film’s secrets, the eagerly awaited comebacks of beloved characters, and a plethora of eerie encounters.

In a captivating conversation with Empire, Dan Aykroyd shared a peculiar anecdote involving his late writing partner, Tom Davis, with whom he penned Coneheads. Aykroyd recounted how Davis, impressed by Aykroyd’s daughter’s fondness for owls, once quipped that he’d return as Belle Aykroyd’s owl in the afterlife. Years later, shortly after Davis’ passing in 2012, Aykroyd experienced a surreal moment at his office. Walking across the porch, he noticed nothing out of the ordinary, but upon returning a mere 45 seconds later, he heard a fluttering sound. To his amazement, an owl was trapped in the screen door, accompanied by a circle of black walnuts—despite the absence of black walnut trees in the vicinity. As Aykroyd reflected on this uncanny occurrence, he couldn’t shake the feeling that it was Davis reaching out from beyond, particularly as it happened on Davis’ birthday, August 13th. For Aykroyd, it was a moment of profound significance, a testament to what he describes as “absolute and complete transmogrification.”


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