Fool Me Once 2024 tv series review

Fool Me Once continues the successful trend of adapting Harlan Coben’s compelling novels into Netflix thrillers, following the hits Stay Close, The Stranger, and Safe. Richard Armitage, known for his roles in The Stranger and Stay Close, reprises his collaboration with Coben, portraying Joe Burkett, a husband who appears to return from the grave.

Leading the cast is Michelle Keegan, former Coronation Street and Our Girl star, playing Maya Stern, Joe’s widow struggling to move on after his apparent murder. However, Maya’s life takes a dramatic turn when it is revealed that Joe may not be deceased. The cast also includes BAFTA-winners Adeel Akhtar and Joanna Lumley.

Harlan Coben, serving as an executive producer on the series, expresses excitement about collaborating once again with the talented team of writer Danny Brocklehurst, executive producer Nicola Shindler, and executive producer Richard Fee. Coben describes Fool Me Once as a pulse-pounding narrative that explores how secrets and deceit can simultaneously bring people together and tear them apart.

In Fool Me Once, Maya Stern installs a nanny-cam to monitor her daughter and is shocked to witness a man she thought was dead in her house—her husband, Joe. Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce, played by Adeel Akhtar, leads the investigation into Joe’s death while harboring his own secrets. Maya’s niece and nephew, seeking answers about their mother’s murder, add layers to the suspense. As the characters uncover the potential connection between the two cases, a thrilling quest for the truth unfolds.

Michelle Keegan, portraying Maya, shares her excitement about landing the role in this dream project. She describes Maya as a character with a military background, a helicopter pilot dealing with PTSD after a traumatic experience in the army. Maya’s struggle to fit into civilian life and her marriage adds complexity to her character. The revelation of her husband’s supposed resurrection on the nanny-cam sets the stage for a suspenseful and unexpected narrative.

Keegan also expresses gratitude for working with the acclaimed cast, including Richard Armitage and Joanna Lumley. She highlights the humor Lumley brings to the set and praises Armitage’s performance. The actress emphasizes the unpredictability of the plot, urging viewers to embrace the twists and turns while cautioning against making premature conclusions. The allure of Fool Me Once lies in its ability to consistently surprise and challenge assumptions, promising a gripping and shocking viewing experience.


By acinetv