Everyone Else Burns 2023 series review

A quirky family hailing from Manchester, England, is about to make their entrance on The CW just as the world teeters on the brink of an apocalypse. In TV Insider’s exclusive video above, we are introduced to the eccentric Lewises.

“Everyone Else Burns” is a comedy series that revolves around a devoutly religious family convinced that the world’s end is imminent, slated to occur within the next decade. At the heart of the Lewis family is David (portrayed by Simon Bird), the patriarch yearning for recognition from the church. His long-suffering wife, Fiona (played by Kate O’Flynn), dreams of a life beyond sermons and squash. Their son, Aaron (depicted by Harry Connor), embodies the ideal young believer, except for his artwork, which depicts the rest of the family enduring torment in hell. The anxious 17-year-old Rachel (brought to life by Amy James-Kelly) is on the cusp of a romance that could save her social life but imperil her soul.

The clip provided commences with Rachel dozing off in class. When questioned about her lack of focus, she mentions that her father roused her in the middle of the night for some “apocalypse practice.” We are then transported to the scene, where we witness Rachel’s father, David, donning a miner’s hard hat and passionately exclaiming, “Terror is near!” David seeks guidance from Elder Samson (played by Arsher Ali) about the topic of sex, on behalf of Rachel. Additionally, we catch a glimpse of Fiona, inebriated, feigning sobriety as she answers the door, and their son Aaron engrossed in a painting that portrays his father in the depths of hell. When questioned if that’s a jacuzzi he’s envisioned his father in, Aaron simply nods, “No.”

“Everyone Else Burns” has marked a significant comedy launch on U.K. Channel 4, unlike any since 2018. The program is poised to resonate with the American audience’s appreciation for British entertainment, especially those who relish witty and clever comedies laden with humorous one-liners.


By acinetv