Dying in Plain Sight

Based on actual events, “Dying in Plain Sight” narrates the poignant tale of Morgan Cruz, a high school student struggling with her weight, and her mother Kim, both harboring dark secrets that culminate in devastating consequences, as per Lifetime’s description.

As Kim distances herself from her unfaithful spouse, her intense focus on “clean eating” blinds her to Morgan’s complete cessation of food intake. Despite Morgan receiving positive attention for her changing physique, she privately grapples with the severe repercussions of her disorder.

Morgan’s pleas for assistance seem unheard until she is hospitalized due to life-threatening malnutrition. This critical moment forces Kim to confront the damaging impact of her own disordered eating on Morgan, realizing the perilous extent it has pushed her daughter.

While initially premiering on the Lifetime channel, individuals without basic cable can catch the debut of “Dying in Plain Sight” on Saturday through Philo.

For new subscribers, Philo offers a 7-day free trial, providing the opportunity to watch “Dying in Plain Sight” without charge before deciding on a subscription.


By acinetv