Destined with You 2023 series review

August’s Netflix lineup continues to deliver its promise of engaging content. From the captivating romance of “King the Land” to the intriguing black comedy thriller “Mask Girl,” viewers are now in for another dose of romance blended with fantasy.

The anticipation is palpable for “Destined With You,” a K-drama that has garnered excitement due to Rowoon’s successful appearances in Netflix’s K-dramas like “Tomorrow” and “The King’s Affection.” His co-star, Jo, is no stranger to the fantasy genre, having left her mark as the lead in the iconic K-drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed.”

“Destined With You” is poised to captivate K-drama enthusiasts with its narrative that encompasses alluring tropes. This includes the allure of hidden secrets, the pull of destiny, and the unsuspecting blossoming of romance.

Civil servant Lee Hong-jo finds herself swept into a whirlwind of events when she stumbles upon an ancient book that holds the key to aiding Jang Shin-yu, a dashing lawyer, in Netflix’s “Destined With You” K-drama.

Every enchanting fantasy K-drama requires a female protagonist whose mundane existence undergoes a radical shift due to a mysterious occurrence. Hong-jo, a modest civil servant, strives to excel at her job despite the barrage of grievances. Beyond work, her life is solitary, and she’s grown accustomed to this isolation. One day, she chances upon an ancient book that has been sealed within a wooden chest for centuries.

Unbeknownst to her, this book holds the solution to Shin-yu’s plight. Adept lawyer, handsome countenance, and intellectual acumen render Shin-yu irresistible wherever he goes. Behind the veneer of his immaculate attire lies an enigmatic ailment that continues to deteriorate. For generations, his family has borne the weight of this curse.

As per the conventions of any compelling romance K-drama, Shin-yu and Hong-jo’s paths converge and become inextricably intertwined by fate. The book that fell into Hong-jo’s possession proves to be the key to lifting Shin-yu’s curse. As the clock ticks away, their emotions deepen, paving the way for a burgeoning love.

Fans will undoubtedly recognize Yura for her contributions as a K-Pop idol in the renowned girl group Girl’s Day. She has previously starred in another Netflix K-drama, “Forecasting Love and Weather,” portraying the character Chae Yoo-jin. This multi-talented idol-actor has also graced screens in “Find Me in Your Memory” and “Now, We Are Breaking Up,” alongside the esteemed actor Song Hye-kyo of “The Glory.”

In Netflix’s “Destined With You,” Yura takes on a quintessential K-drama role—the male lead’s girlfriend. Naturally, no romantic K-drama is complete without its fair share of obstacles. Ha-joon’s character, an aide at Onju City Hall, happens to be the object of Hong-jo’s affections. Actor Jung assumes the role of Shin-hyu’s mother, Song Yoon-joo, sharing the screen with Lee as Jang Se-hun, Shin-hyu’s father and CEO of Bau Construction.


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