Demons and Saviors

Hulu has never shied away from gripping true crime stories, and their latest series, Demons and Saviors, takes it to a whole new level by infusing the genre with a touch of the paranormal. The three-part series delves deep into the extraordinary life of Christina Boyer, who gained the eerie moniker “poltergeist girl” due to her connections with the afterlife. But her tale goes beyond mere supernatural encounters.

In 1992, Christina found herself accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter, a grave allegation she maintains her innocence on to this day, despite being found guilty and incarcerated. An exclusive-to-Collider trailer tantalizingly weaves together her early life in a loveless home, the discovery of her supernatural abilities, and the harrowing trial that followed. The series promises to unravel the mystery when it premieres on August 3.

The teaser features testimonials from those closest to Christina, reminiscing about the astonishing and terrifying experiences she endured. From Christina’s own account, she shares how these strange occurrences began at the tender age of 14. Others attest to the “see it to believe it” mentality surrounding her psycho-telekinetic powers. Amidst the backdrop of abuse during her teenage years, Christina begins a new chapter with a husband, with whom she has a daughter, Amber Boyer.

Tragically, Amber’s life ends under suspicious circumstances, marked by physical abuse. Christina immediately becomes the prime suspect, launching her into a long and turbulent journey through the court system. Despite the odds, her advocates continue to fight for her freedom to this day.

While numerous streaming platforms vie for the next compelling true crime story, Hulu has distinguished itself by bringing audiences extraordinary tales they can’t find anywhere else. Recent bingeable hits like Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story, Wild Crime, and Death in the Dorms attest to Hulu’s prowess in delivering captivating and unique narratives.

Demons and Saviors 2023 Trailer


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