Dance Brothers 2023Roderick Kabanga as Roni

About the series
Very entertaining and well-paced and very much in the style of mixing cultures, musical genres and lifestyles, common and alternative ones. A series with a lot of rhythm in and out of the dance floor, with well-conditioned elements to please those who have to like it and hook them. It has characters to spare, intertwined stories and a story of overcoming and learning of those that work (when they are well done).

Dance Brothers is good, in its right measure. It is a series created to hook, probably not to last or to be a benchmark for the genre, but that doesn’t seem to matter to its creators, who know what they are aiming at and where they must put the emphasis to attract the younger audience.

Good choreographies, good music but, above all, characters that, for sure, will attract the younger ones because of their strength.

Served in small doses, in a formula that has become fashionable since a few years ago and that also works: episodes of just twenty-five minutes long that are digested quickly, like songs in an LP that, as a whole, give us a vision of youths and their concerns.



By acinetv