County Rescue 2024 tv series review

In the five-part series, the spotlight shines on Dani (played by Julia Reilly), a young trainee with aspirations of joining the county rescue team as a permanent member. Despite her commitment and high hopes, Dani faces the harsh realities of medical emergencies while working alongside her crew to overcome the challenges of being a first responder.

Julia Reilly delivers a compelling performance as the determined EMT trainee, bringing depth and authenticity to the role. Reilly, known for her portrayal of Tammy Thompson in the acclaimed Netflix series ‘Stranger Things,’ also showcases her writing talent, having contributed to projects like ‘Driving Miss Crazy,’ ‘Munchkin Number 4,’ and ‘Jumping Contest.’

Joining Reilly is actor, director, and editor Brett Varvel, who portrays the role of Andy in the series. A graduate of Ball State University and winner of the regional Emmy and David Letterman scholarship, Varvel brings his expertise to the screen. His own production company, House of Grace Studios, reflects his dedication to the craft.

Tim Perez-Ross rounds out the cast as Scotty, showcasing his versatility as an artist. With a background in both independent and commercial projects, Perez-Ross adds depth to the series with his portrayal of Scotty.

“County Rescue” delves into the gritty world of medical emergencies, offering heartwarming stories of medical heroes. The series captures the essence of rural America with its diverse cast and strong sense of community. Highlighting the camaraderie among the medical team, the series is a poignant portrayal of emergency medical technicians. With its positive representation and engaging storytelling, “County Rescue” is definitely worth watching.


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