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While HBO boasts high-profile hits like Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic’s schedule isn’t solely filled with top-tier imports. Amidst the lower-budget offerings lies a source of great amusement – if one’s idea of pleasure involves marveling at clichés, wooden acting, unintentional errors, and shaky plotting.

This CBS cop drama, airing on Tuesday nights, harks back to a time predating The Wire and even NYPD Blue. In fact, it bears an uncanny resemblance – likely unintentional – to Police Squad, the spoof series that birthed The Naked Gun movie franchise. Forget complex story arcs; we’re firmly in the realm of single-episode storylines brimming with plot holes.

Here’s the rundown: The Reagans constitute a family of New York crimefighters. Patriarch Henry (Len Cariou) rose through the ranks to become police commissioner. His son Frank (Tom Selleck, a mere six years younger than Cariou) followed suit, also ascending to the commissioner’s office. Frank’s brood comprises Jamie (Will Estes), a Harvard grad turned rookie cop; Erin (Bridget Moynahan), a tenacious assistant district attorney; and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), a rule-breaking detective renowned for getting results. There’s also mention of a third son, Joe, tragically killed in the line of duty. Together, the Reagans solve all of New York’s crimes, without fail.

What makes Blue Bloods so fascinating is its predictability. One could discern the plot without even watching, given its adherence to a strict template. With this guide, anyone can become a Blue Bloods scriptwriter.

  1. Every crime, regardless of location, invariably falls into a Reagan’s lap. Usually, Jamie kicks things off as the beat cop, with Danny swiftly taking over – whether the crime occurred in Central Park, Brooklyn, or anywhere in between.
  2. Danny is the go-to detective for every case, from thwarting terrorists to busting baby-selling rings. His versatility knows no bounds, making him the only detective worth mentioning – a fact underscored when he’s specially called in by his father for a crucial investigation. Apparently, no one else in the NYPD is trustworthy.
  3. Act one showcases a seemingly insignificant object – a necklace, a tattoo – which inevitably becomes pivotal to the case.
  4. Conflicts of interest are shrugged off. Danny investigates threats against his father or Erin’s life, and Erin routinely prosecutes cases Danny has worked on.
  5. Insert a random, avoidable error – like a winter cricket game in Central Park or characters inexplicably changing outfits between scenes.
  6. Introduce a dramatic story arc, then promptly forget about it. Remember Jamie’s investigation into his brother’s death? Neither does anyone else.
  7. The infamous family dinner scene. Lasting no more than two minutes, it descends into chaos as ethical dilemmas sparked by that week’s case ignite heated debates. Tom Selleck’s stoic expression gradually morphs into concern, while Henry reminisces about the good old days.
  8. Deliver cringe-worthy dialogue, epitomized by an exchange between Erin and her boss about justice and buying drinks. It’s the epitome of Blue Bloods: priceless, perfect, and pitiful.

In the realm of television, Blue Bloods stands as a testament to predictability, offering a dose of guilty pleasure for those willing to indulge in its charms.


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