Exciting news for enthusiasts of period dramas like Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age, and Belgravia! Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer behind these shows, is now serving as the Executive Producer for Belgravia’s second season. The upcoming installment, titled “Belgravia: The Next Chapter,” is set to premiere on Sunday, January 14, on MGM+. The series stars Harriet Slater and Ben Wainwright in the roles of Clara Dunn and Frederick Trenchard, respectively, the grandson of James Trenchard from the first season.

Belgravia’s initial season, based on Fellowes’ 2016 novel, premiered as a limited series in 2020. Starting in 1815 with the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, the narrative progresses twenty-five years to the 1840s in the affluent London district of Belgravia. “Belgravia: The Next Chapter” resumes the story in 1871, focusing on the lives of the Trenchard family, the primary protagonists from the first season. The new eight-part series, as per Deadline, will center around Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard, and his romantic involvement with Clara Dunn—a newcomer to London’s high society. Unaware of his illegitimate status, Frederick’s challenging childhood has left him with significant insecurities, impacting his relationship with Clara.

The opulent British period drama, “Belgravia: The Next Chapter,” crafted by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame, has seen a few alterations since its 2020 debut. The narrative still unfolds in the upscale London enclave of Belgravia, but the year is now 1871—three decades later—and many characters from Season 1 have passed away. The focal point has shifted to Lord Frederick Trenchard (Benjamin Wainwright), the grandson of James Trenchard, the wealthy and socially ambitious merchant from the original Belgravia.

Frederick endured severe abuse from his father, Oliver (Richard Goulding reprising his role, depicted in flashbacks alongside Alice Eve as his wife Susan). The reason behind this mistreatment is Frederick’s true father, the unscrupulous John Bellasis (Adam James). Unaware of his illegitimate birth, the insecure and self-loathing young lord attributes his difficulty in forming connections to his younger brother, James (Toby Regbo of The Last Kingdom), who was seemingly the favored child. According to exec producer Gareth Neame, “James was always the favorite child, and that completely destroyed Frederick.”

Despite his struggles, Frederick holds onto the belief—perhaps erroneously—that his spirited and beautiful new wife, Clara (Harriet Slater), can aid him in overcoming his personal demons. However, Neame notes that “They’re too strong… Clara feels oppressed by her husband and trapped in that marriage.” Frederick’s fixation on risky investments in the future of railroads and his partnership with the unconventional Marquise D’Étagnac (Claude Perron), a wealthy French exile and savvy businesswoman, further complicates the situation.

Lord Trenchard is not the sole bearer of secrets; his brother James, who is actually a kind reverend and not the monster Frederick envisions, grapples with his forbidden sexuality. Amidst these complexities, an unexpected visitor emerges as a truth-teller in this chapter, capable of unraveling several characters’ lives with just a few words.


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