Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist 2022 Movie Review and Trailer

Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist 2022 Movie Review and Trailer

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Plot- “Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist” is a riveting true-crime documentary that you should see. Viewers learn about Argentina’s historic 2006 bank robbery from the culprits themselves through straightforward interviews.

The plot of the movie centers on a bunch of thieves who successfully robbed a bank in Buenos Aires, held 23 prisoner, and then made their getaway through a complex tunnel and safe system beneath the building. The scheme was foiled a few weeks after the robbery when Beto de la Torre, one of the criminals, was apprehended by investigators after his wife assisted the authorities.

“Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist” is based on a true story. Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist is the next crime documentary on Netflix, but as the storyline develops, viewers are wondering if it’s based on a true tale. On August 6, the documentary is scheduled to be released on the streaming service. It tells the tale of how and why a gang of guys committed the largest bank heist in Argentina.

How the most well-known bank heist in Argentina was carried out is shown in the documentary film directed by Matas Gueilburt and produced by Sebastián Gamba and Julian Rousso, the team behind Vilas: You will be what you should be or you will be nothing and The days of Ayotzinapa.

A group of guys stormed into a bank in Buenos Aires in 2006, grabbed 23 hostages, stole valuables from safes, and then just fled. After their successful escape, the ex-wife of one of the thieves turns against the criminals, changing the course of the narrative.

This incredible Netflix crime documentary is also based on a true incident, but it has a lot more drama and information. At the center of the crime were Ruben de la Torre, also known as “Beto,” Sebastian Garcia Bolster, Julian Zalloecheverria, Fernando Araujo, and Mario Luis Vitette Sellanes; however, it is believed that two other people participated in it but were never convicted.

On January 13, 2006, in the early afternoon, police received a call reporting a bank heist. Little did they realize, however, that they would soon be dispatched to the scene of what would come to be known as the “robbery of the century.”

When the police came, the thieves were still inside the structure, and they eventually held 23 individuals inside as hostages.

Everyone involved had a bizarre day since the thieves left fake pistols behind and bought pizza and soft drinks for the hostages while singing happy birthday to a lawyer.

Despite being encircled by 200 police officers, the criminals were able to go unharmed; it was as if they had disappeared.

The two criminals inside the bank utilized the tunnel entrance to travel to an underground sewage system, where an accomplice was waiting for them on a boat. It turns out, however, that the robbers pulled off a complete Shawshank Redemption and made their getaway.

After the heist, it appeared as though the men would escape with nothing until one of them’s personal problems brought the whole scheme to an end.

Beto informed his wife how he acquired his half of the wealth at the time and how he got it (rookie mistake), and they clashed when he felt some of it was gone, he told GQ.

Beto’s wife eventually took him down by turning him in to the police, and she was able to identify four of the other guys since she had seen them before. Beto was ultimately discovered with his girlfriend in a car.

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