Ashes 2024 movie

After discovering an unpublished novel, Gokce, a wealthy married woman portrayed by Funda Eryigit, embarks on a journey of forbidden love with Metin Ali, a mysterious carpenter played by Alperen Duymaz. However, their passionate affair leads to unforeseen consequences, leaving Gokce’s life irreversibly shattered.

“From the Ashes” draws inspiration from a real-life fire tragedy, though Netflix has chosen not to specify the exact event. While it could be linked to the 2002 Mecca girls’ school fire, characterized by a strict all-girls’ school setting and an unattended cigarette, the film begins with a disclaimer asserting that its characters and certain elements of the story are fictional. Despite this creative liberty, the film fails to address crucial aspects of the tragedy that warrant discussion, such as the implications of modesty hindering emergency services, media speculation fairness, or the school’s failure to enforce safety regulations.

Rather than delving into these contentious issues, much of the film unfolds as an investigation, seemingly assigning blame to fictional students – the very victims of the tragedy – for impeding the escape of another fictional character. While the narrative may be fictionalized, this approach feels morally questionable.

What truly stands out is Netflix’s acknowledgment of potential shortcomings through the disclaimer, yet their indifference towards fully developing the characters is evident. Moments portraying the students’ ordinary school days, filled with laughter and play, hint at the opportunity to humanize the fictional characters in tribute to the real-life victims. However, any semblance of genuine characterization is overshadowed by sensationalized drama, ultimately detracting from the film’s integrity.


By acinetv