Abigail 2023 movie review

“Abigail” unfolds as a narrative centered around a troubled teen named Abigail (Cantrell) and her mother Eve (Lynch), who relocate to a new town in search of a fresh start. As Abigail settles in, she befriends her neighbor Lucas (Reed-Brown), initiating a budding friendship. However, the tranquil facade shatters when Lucas becomes the primary target of local bully Daniel (Talbot), subjecting him to a nightmarish existence.

What eludes Daniel is the fact that Abigail is not one to back down. Determined to confront the bully, she finds herself entangled in a series of events that force her to confront the very reasons they moved to the town. Undeterred, Abigail persists in her quest to protect her neighbor and put an end to the bullying menace once and for all.

“Abigail” ventures into the realm of horror thriller, weaving a tale of a teenager seeking a new beginning in an unfamiliar town. However, as the plot unravels, Abigail’s encounters with bullies evoke a darker facet of her personality. This transformation leads to a sinister turn of events, posing a more significant threat to the entire town.

This slasher-styled film deviates from conventional expectations, offering unexpected twists and turns. It delves into themes of overcontrolling and abusive parents, along with the repercussions of dealing with bullies. Despite its engaging storyline, the film falls short in creating a lived-in atmosphere for the town, making it seem like a backdrop for the main characters and their adversaries. The incorporation of a more remote setting could have elevated the movie to greater heights. Nevertheless, the film boasts a stellar cast, and viewers can relish the escalating body count as the plot unfolds.


By acinetv