What is A Tourist’s Guide To Love about?
The movie follows travel exec Amanda (Rachel-Leigh Cook), who agrees to go undercover as a regular tourist in Vietnam after suffering a breakup. Her aim is to learn more about the tourist industry in the country but when she meets charismatic tour guide Sinh (Scott Ly), she gets to learn a thing or two about love as well!

Who stars in A Tourist’s Guide To Love?
Rachel Leigh Cook headlines the cast of this romantic comedy as the unlucky-in-love travel exec who finds romance during her latest assignment. This isn’t the actress’s first romantic role as you will know already if you have seen She’s All That, Frozen in Love, Valentine In the Vineyard, or one of the other romance movies that she has starred in over the years.

Her love interest in this new movie is played by Scott Ly, who is largely known for his TV work in such shows as FBI: Most Wanted, Animal Kingdom, and The Young and the Restless.

Who is the director of A Tourist’s Guide To Love?
The movie’s director is Steven K. Tsuchida. He has previously directed episodes of Welcome To Flatch, Cobra Kai, Fantasy Island, Dear White People, and several other TV shows.


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