A Royal Christmas Holiday 2023 movie review

In pursuit of her breakthrough moment, ambitious reporter Katie (played by Brittany Underwood) orchestrates a Christmas interview with a European Prince currently visiting the United States. What starts as a strategic move for her career soon transforms into a heartwarming love story.

Katie, fueled by her determination to seize the spotlight, seizes an opportunity when the leading presenter at her station, portrayed by Meredith Thomas, takes a holiday break over Christmas. Persuading producer Jerrod (played by William Baldwin) to take a chance on her, Katie sets her sights on European Prince Jonathan (Jonathan Stoddard) and successfully persuades him to grant her an exclusive interview. Despite Jerrod’s initial reluctance to trust a reporter, Katie’s relentless tenacity eventually convinces him to greenlight the interview, presenting Katie with the chance she has long been yearning for.

The final addition to Great American Family’s holiday movie lineup for 2023, ‘A Royal Christmas Holiday,’ follows the familiar storyline of a commoner falling in love with royalty—a theme beloved in the genre. Katie, an upbeat reporter with dreams of hosting her own show, eagerly embraces the challenge of securing an exclusive interview with Prince Jonathan. Employing her journalistic skills, she tracks him down at an airport and persistently pursues him until he agrees to the interview.

Accompanied by his aide Louis (Louis Chapman), Prince Jonathan exercises caution, well aware that journalists often seek to uncover family secrets. As he gets to know Katie, he begins to trust her, inadvertently lowering his guard. However, unforeseen complications arise when it becomes apparent that the station she works for may have its own agenda. The narrative unfolds as a classic tale of opposites attracting, with the Prince developing genuine feelings for the woman who has thrust herself into his life. Along the way, there are misunderstandings, mishaps, and various hurdles, prompting the question of whether Katie and the Prince could truly have a future together.

Brittany Underwood shines as the undeniable star of the film, delivering an energetic performance grounded in heart and emotion. Although previously unfamiliar to many, Underwood’s portrayal captivates, leaving audiences eager to see more of her work in the future. Paired effectively with Jonathan Stoddard, who, despite an occasional wavering British accent, delivers a charismatic and believable performance. William Baldwin steals scenes as Katie’s beleaguered producer Jerrod, providing a delightful addition to the film.

‘A Royal Christmas Holiday’ serves as a triumphant conclusion to this year’s holiday film lineup. The story is infused with heartfelt moments, and while it revisits some genre clichés, it remains thoroughly enjoyable. Airing just two days before Christmas, the film is the epitome of a feel-good festive experience, warming the heart and encapsulating the spirit of the season. What more could one ask for?


By acinetv