A Cowboy Christmas Romance 2023 movie review

Lifetime has ventured into uncharted territory with its 2023 holiday movie slate, notably breaking new ground with the inclusion of a sex scene—a first for the network in the realm of Christmas films. Despite the network’s extensive library of holiday movies, the addition of this intimate moment brings a surprising twist to the romantic narratives that often take center stage in Lifetime content.

Among the featured titles in Lifetime’s 2023 holiday lineup is “A Cowboy Christmas Romance,” which revolves around Lexie Crenshaw (played by Jana Kramer), a skilled real estate professional known for sealing deals. Lexie’s return to her hometown of Tubac, Arizona, is not just business as usual; she’s tasked with negotiating a crucial deal with horse rancher Coby Mason (portrayed by Adam Senn). Her mission involves convincing Coby to part with his family’s cherished land. Amidst the professional challenges, Lexie also grapples with personal matters, reconnecting with her father (Bruce Thomas) and brother after a decade of pursuing her career elsewhere. The ensemble cast includes Max Ehrich, Curt Mega, Lisa Lee, Mary-Margaret Humes, and Cassie Randolph.

While a trailer for the film is not yet available, the anticipation is heightened by the revelation that “A Cowboy Christmas Romance” will feature Lifetime’s inaugural sex scene in a holiday movie. Even within the confines of Lifetime’s network TV standards, this steamy scene promises to add a unique and unexpected dimension to the typical holiday movie experience.

Breaking away from the familiar clichés often associated with Lifetime’s holiday films—such as small-town bake-offs, festive variety shows, heartwarming yuletide engagements, and secret Santa surprises—”A Cowboy Christmas Romance” promises a departure from tradition. Star Jana Kramer, along with writer Sarah Drew, shared insights about the film on Kramer’s iHeartRadio podcast ‘Whine Down,’ emphasizing that this project stands out as a distinctive and unparalleled venture within the Lifetime holiday movie landscape.


By acinetv