3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost

Writers : Joie BotkinGregg RossenBrian Sawyer
Stars : Julie GonzaloMadeleine ArthurChris McNally

When Anna, a newly licensed realtor played by Julie Gonzalo, secures her very first property listing, she’s initially confident that the long-vacant house will sell quickly. However, her optimism is quickly challenged when she encounters resistance from Ruby, a spirited flapper who has been haunting the house since the 1920s. Ruby is determined to keep her beloved home unoccupied, while Anna desperately needs to sell it to kickstart her real estate career. Interestingly, they discover an unusual shared experience – both of them have left their respective fiancés at the altar.

Ruby’s romantic tale involves her deep affection for her chauffeur, Charlie, portrayed by Thomas Darya. Unfortunately, she had to call off their relationship due to her father’s disapproval. Despite her lingering feelings for Charlie, her life was tragically cut short, and her love story remains incomplete. In contrast, Anna faced her own relationship woes with her ex-fiancé Elliot, played by Chris McNally, which eventually led to their breakup when their renovation business fell apart.

In an effort to make amends, Anna decides to seek Elliot’s help in restoring her listing. Although he still carries the emotional scars of their past, he reluctantly agrees. As they collaborate on the project, their previous romantic feelings begin to resurface. Observing their interactions, Ruby becomes convinced that there’s a deeper purpose behind their connection. She believes that by helping Anna rekindle her love with Elliot, she may find the closure she needs to finally move on.

Julie Gonzalo is a familiar face in the Hallmark family, having appeared in popular films such as “Jingle Bell Bride,” “Flip that Romance,” “The Sweetest Heart,” and “Falling for Vermont.” She’s also recognized for her role as Andrea Rojas in “Supergirl” and for her guest appearances in well-known series like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Lucifer.”

Chris McNally is also a Hallmark regular, featuring in movies like “Christmas Class Reunion,” “A Tail of Love,” and “Snowkissed.” He is also a part of the cast of “When Calls the Heart” and has made appearances in TV shows such as “Falling Skies,” “Riverdale,” and “Firefly Lane.”


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