You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah 2023 movie review

The comedic film “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” delves into the story of Stacy Friedman (played by Sunny Sandler), a preteen who becomes utterly consumed by the festivities accompanying her peers’ coming-of-age celebrations at Hebrew school.

This hilarious journey toward adulthood becomes a heartwarming family affair: Sunny takes on the lead role, while her father, Adam Sandler, plays Stacy’s bewildered dad, Danny, who good-naturedly rides along for the ride. Despite the unwavering support Stacy receives from her family, which includes Idina Menzel portraying Stacy’s mother, Bree, and Sadie Sandler as her sister, Ronnie, the true emotional core of the film rests in the friendship shared between Stacy and her best friend, Lydia (Samantha Lorraine).

Stacy and Lydia have meticulously coordinated their parties and lives around each other. However, their friendship faces severe tests amid the challenges of middle school life: the allure of cute boys, the complexities of popularity, and the onset of menstruation. When Stacy unexpectedly stumbles upon Lydia sharing a kiss with their mutual crush, she struggles to prioritize her friend’s happiness within the context of the rabbi-encouraged maturity that comes with the bat mitzvah season. Instead of considering Lydia’s feelings, Stacy decides to uninvite her from her own bat mitzvah. As a result, Stacy embarks on a journey to redefine her path into womanhood, now intending to take these steps independently.

The young ensemble cast adeptly handles the film’s witty screenplay, penned by Alison Peck and based on Fiona Rosenbloom’s 2005 novel. Director Sammi Cohen masterfully captures the spirited enthusiasm of preteens while steering clear of nostalgia, much to the audience’s delight. Among the film’s standout comedic moments, a partygoer jokingly requests the classic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey for the dance floor. For an instant, the film’s modern and relaxed appeal seems to hang in the balance. However, in a comically audacious move, the film’s disco-ball-helmeted disc jockey, DJ Schmuley (Ido Mosseri), promptly dismisses the song, declaring, “Let Schmuley handle the vibe around here!” The soundtrack transitions to a Selena Gomez tune, and the film continues to exude its lighthearted charm.

In essence, “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” skillfully weaves a tale of laughter and growth. The movie thrives on its contemporary allure, balancing the absurdities of preteen passions with heartfelt moments of friendship and self-discovery.


By acinetv