Watch the Beautiful Movies of 9 Rasa’s: In Navarasa 2021

Watch the Beautiful Movies of 9 Rasa’s: In Navarasa 2021


One of the most popular anthology films is streaming now, and it is none other than ‘Navarasa’. You can watch this on Netflix. It has 9 short films. The film is based on the 9 rasas (i.e. emotions). This movie is a charity project and the proceeds will be distributed to the workers in Tamil Nadu who have been affected by the pandemic. This is a very interesting movie that is based on nine different types of emotions. So, it will be very interesting for the viewers to watch. The performance of the characters is all very excellent and subtle. 

Apt Display of Emotions – 

One of the best things that you will come to know about this movie series is that it has short films. So, this is one of the most interesting parts of this is that the viewers don’t have to wait long or see the movie for a longer time. They can now watch the movies quickly and the story is also aligned. But the overall rating has been very good and many viewers also liked this movie series. Apart from that, the cast has worked very nicely in displaying the emotions that were needed in the movie. It’s like it is based on emotions like anger, love, forgiveness, regret, compassion, courage, peace, wonder, laughter, etc. 

9 Rasas – 

So, the characters in the movies have displayed all these emotions wonderfully. It is a worth watching movie, then only you will understand what the emotions literally look like. Apart from that, if the readers think that it is a simple movie, then it’s not simple or plain, it is divided into 9 parts according to the 9 rasas. So, this movie is unique. The concepts are also pretty sui generis. One will have to watch this movie to know more about its full story. It has interesting scenes also, and also music. 

Music and Scenes – 

The music in the movie has been liked by many of the viewers. It is most appreciated for its music and apart from that in each scene, every different kind of emotion has been displayed aptly. It is not that easy or you will not find that in every movie. Some movies have either extreme violence or anger or others. But the uniqueness of this is movie is that it showcases all the different kinds of emotions aligning them together. Making it under one banner i.e. ‘Navarasa’. So, if you want to see a particular emotion-related film then you can watch that also. 

Watch all the 9 series – 

But again since you will be watching this film, make sure that you see all the parts of this film. If you miss any single part, then you are most likely to miss the link. Though this movie doesn’t have any great link, it does have the name i.e. 9 rasas. If you check online, you can get the Tamil names for the emotions. And also, apart from that, each story is interesting, but whether it is complete you should watch the movie know more. For instance, in the rasa of hasya, there is a comedian returning to his village. 

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