Trollhunters – Rise of the Titans: Innocent animation at its best!

Trollhunters – Rise of the Titans: Innocent animation at its best!


If you are a fan of Anime, this action-adventure is for you. Directed by Johane Matte Francisco, Ruiz-Velasco & Andrew L. Schmidt, The movie is around 100 minutes long. The voice cast includes Emile Hirsch, Alfred Molina, Tatiana Maslany & Steven Yeun among other cast members. 

We recommend watching the previous three chapters before watching this one. However, we won’t say that the movie isn’t friendly to the new viewers. Only a few creative series could have handled incorporating the new characters. And we would say that this one did a good job. 

The Gist 

First of all, we would say the characters are arguably the most fitting for the film. Now, the movie starts with a fight and it leads on to other situations that ask for saving lives. The first minute keeps you hooked for the entire duration. You won’t find much complexity in understanding the film because it is targeted towards kids just above the age of seven. There is some mystery that kids are going to love as the screenplay is highly bright and colorful. The animation, as we said earlier, is wonderful and looks crystal clear throughout the duration.

We found all the characters very interesting. Jim was the leading character and understandably the best. You will make a connection with most of these characters within a few minutes. Some scenes could devastate your feelings due to that. At one point you seem to think that the movie tries to make you care for the characters.

We Found many funny moments that make you smile. No, you won’t be rolling on the floor laughing but still, we think it’s a good job done. 

Summing up

Regardless of age, you can enjoy the film. Most elements you will find interesting while some are only good for the kids. If you are looking for innocent entertainment, this is not a bad bet.

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