Too Hot to Handle Brazil – As Stunning as the Surroundings!

Too Hot to Handle Brazil – As Stunning as the Surroundings!

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The name too hot to handle has risen up since the first season aired on Netflix. A bunch of people goes on vacation trying to resist the temptation of s3x. By the name, you might not think of it as a funny reality show but, believe us it is. There have been a few versions of the show for different regions. 

The Contestants

Talking about the hot contestants, we don’t take any shame in saying that they can transform you from straight to bis3xual. And, we are just saying this to give them a compliment. It’s as hot as the surroundings.

This time, the show couldn’t be filmed in Brazil because of the rising cases of coronavirus. This series was filmed in November and December in 2020 when the pandemic was on the broom in Brazil. 

Too Hot to Handle Brazil

The Content 

The show is very unique and the location is just luxurious. It is spacious and expensive. The garden area, Wide open beach, the luxurious apartment although shared is something We all dreamt of at one point in our life. All those people with a temptation of physical contact need to resist it. The surroundings beg them to do it with their counterparts but if they do, they’re gonna lose money. It all depends upon how the contestants behave. 

Our Take 

We find this concept very amusing. Especially with the new Millennials who are the kiss and tell type, need to know the importance of the emotional connection between two people. So, we are really looking forward to How the contestants behave and let us know the importance of an emotional connection.

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