Til Death Do Us Part 2023 movie

In “Til Death Do Us Part,” a former bride-to-be finds herself fighting for her life after escaping her own wedding. The movie, directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., starts off frustratingly vague, jumping between two timelines. The story centers around the runaway bride, who seeks refuge in a family cabin, only to be pursued by her ex-groom and seven aggressive killer groomsmen, attempting to intimidate her with a demented sense of humor.

The screenplay by Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor attempts to blend comedy with the intense survival narrative, but the execution often falls flat. The characters remain nameless, and the groom orders the deadly hunt following a falling-out with his bride. Flashbacks of happier times contrast the present struggle, leaving viewers questioning what led to this dangerous confrontation.

The film’s main issue lies in its slow pace, with characters aimlessly wandering around, engaging in unfunny jokes while licensed music blares in the background. Despite Natalie Burn’s committed performance and efforts to inject excitement into the film, the fight choreography disappoints.

The attempted comedy is particularly insufferable, exemplified by a groomsmen who is a dwarf, played by Pancho Moler. Rather than utilizing the character for genuine humor, he resorts to shouting obscenities at the bride, reflecting the lazy screenplay.

As the characters’ identities and motives are gradually revealed, the movie gains some engagement, though the overall direction feels uneven. The climax partially delivers on its promise, blending tones more effectively. However, the journey towards this point remains arduous, leaving the impression that Timothy Woodward Jr. may have struggled to navigate the material.

While the film’s eventual revelations might pique interest, the overall experience remains tedious. Ultimately, viewers might be better off sparing themselves the frustration by avoiding this movie altogether.

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