There’s a complicated mystery afoot in Freeform‘s upcoming series The Watchful Eye.

A trailer released Wednesday, which is embedded below, previews a Hitchcock-inspired story that begins when a woman dies after falling off the ledge of a building — only some believe she may have been pushed.

Enter Elena Santos (Mariel Molino), a young woman with a complicated past, maneuvering her way into working as a live-in nanny for the affluent family in Manhattan who may have had something to do with the young woman’s death. At the behest of the woman’s aunt, played by Kelly Bishop, Elena is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, only to discover the mysterious building she now lives in has deadly secrets and ulterior motives. What they don’t know, however, is that Elena has some shocking secrets of her own.

“I think that the suspense, the eeriness, the cinematic aspect of the show [are reminiscent of Hitchcock]. Hitchcockian thrillers are usually very cinematic; they’re full of suspense; and obviously they’re crime-driven. But I think that different to being a classic Hitchcockian thriller, there is a very empowered female at the center of this story who’s got an axe to grind,” Molino said during Freeform’s Television Critics Association panel Wednesday.

The Watchful Eye also stars Warren Christie, Amy Acker, Kelly Bishop, Jon Ecker, Lex Lumpkin, Henry Joseph Samiri and Aliyah Royale.

The series hails from Ryan Seacrest Productions and ABC Signature. It is created by Julie Durk, who also serves as consultant. Emily Fox is showrunner and executive producer. Ryan Seacrest Productions’ Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Andrea Shay and Jeffrey Reiner also serve as executive producers, with Reiner (“Dirty John”) directing the pilot.

The Watchful Eye premieres January 30 with a two-episode premiere and will air weekly on Hulu.


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