The walking dead 2021 – One of the Best Comic Series if You Watch Jovially  .

The walking dead 2021 – One of the Best Comic Series if You Watch Jovially .



Introduction –

Long time back, there was a movie the walking dead, which was actually about the dead people rising from the graves and attacking the live people and turning live people like them. So, this TV series “The walking dead 2021”, including Season 1 has been copied from that. Then, they changed the TV series content and made it a zombie apocalypse. There is an extra story that is added to the season, but ultimately it’s all the same, there is no escape and the city is flooding with walking dead zombies eating the other dead zombies and human beings.

Promising than Season 1 –

There have already been many reviews of the TV series and some of the reviews strongly suggest that the show lacks compelling characters. There is a lot of talking in the show and the actions are less. For some people, the show shows disgusting scenes like when a zombie is hit and a whole lot of blood oozes out. Some of the scenes are too cold. But there is one thing; this season is much more promising than season one. Also, it is interesting because of the part of some characters i.e. the masked men. They have a separate role to play.

Why Monsters Don’t Attack Back?

Many people are also waiting curiously for the final season. Most of the people liked the acting of Jadis, Rick, and Huck. One of the funny things that many people would notice in the trailer is that the monsters are not attacking back, and they sort of move around like blind and deaf. In most of the scenes, the live people successfully attack the monsters. To see more of such funny and critical stuff watch the series. And if you watch the trailer more carefully, you will note that the monster zombies are actually the masked men with such masks of zombies. Then, why did they work so hard with the double role?

The walking dead 2021 Trailer

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