The Pursuit of Love – A spectacular show from all angles!

The Pursuit of Love – A spectacular show from all angles!

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A Writer turned actor Emily Mortimer starred in this show and we couldn’t expect anything more than a debutant. Once more, Emily has proven that she is competent at Writing dramedies. The small series has a concept of the time between the two world wars. It depicts The rift between contrasting personalities and how they still love each other.

The series is based on the best seller novel that is 76 years old. One thing the audience should be worried about is the extent of difference in the deflection and the novel. We were not disappointed in this case. The novel showed how Fanny and Linda had a humorous childhood. And the similar comedy and light humor we could find in the series.

The opening shot

We see a pregnant woman who is sunbathing on her roof and taking care of the dog while reading a newspaper. The series starts with a simple note that one can expect from any drama series.

The Gist

The pregnant woman then goes downstairs and gets dressed in bed. However, the bed falls down through the floor. The loved ones want to see the wreckage from this scene and are hopeful that their pregnant friend and the dog are in one piece. The tragic starting today so let’s the audience connect till the end.

The story mainly showed the unconditional friendship of the narrator who is the cousin of Linda Radlett (The pregnant woman). The latter is the family of a beautiful willful wild child. Even though Linda fell for a man and left for me to be with him, Fanny still was sensible enough to support Linda once things were sorted out. Family stays calm and composed and situations while Linda is nervous and spontaneous.

The whole series revolves around the different characteristics posed by Fannie and Linda. Fanny is the narrator here and rightly so because she is the observational one. The best episode of the series is the third one where Fanny is introduced fully and now we know everything about her. The episodes however, failed to show how Linda was so unique and somehow we felt that we couldn’t connect with her as much as the writer wanted to.

Apart from all this, we seriously consider The Pursuit of Love worth watching. The costume designs have almost captured the characteristics of the cast. Right from Linda‘s wedding dress to Fanny’s sensible suits, the costume designer has done a phenomenal job.

Our Take

The Pursuit of Love has an insightful say about womanhood. You can also say that it puts its own perspective on middle-century femininity. One can easily fall into the first few scenes of the series. We would have liked a bit more satirical touch in the series right from the beginning. Still, we recommend it to one and all who have a strong opinion about womanhood in the 21st century.

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