The lost Girls 2022 Movie Review and Trailer

The lost Girls 2022 Movie Review and Trailer

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The movie starts off with ordinary teens doing typical teen stuff until Zoe is kidnapped at knifepoint while taking out the trash. Rachel, Zoe’s mother, calls for help. She is sure her foster daughter would not run away.

Another teen, Angie, plays the ukulele after school and catches the attention of a cute boy named Mario. He tells Angie that she has a beautiful voice and he is a liar! Mario is all complements, actually and vague with his background. They start hanging out together after school a lot. He convinces Angie to sneak out at night and tells her that her parents don’t understand her.

Mario’s words are reinforced when Angie’s parents blow off her music recital at school. With no one to give her a ride home, she calls Mario. He offers to give her a ride and to introduce her to his “music producer uncle.” He throws Angie’s cellphone into a bush and takes her to meet the same guy who kidnapped Zoe. His name is Deacon.

Angie’s terrible parents realize she is missing after they come home from a date. They call her cell phone and don’t seem too concerned when she doesn’t answer.

Angie is dolled up to be introduced to someone named Rob. Deacon takes her alone to a room and has her sing for Rob, who then rapes her on camera. Her captors use the tape as a way to control Angie; they threaten to show her parents.

Angie and Zoe meet in captivity. They are repeatedly abused physically, sexually, and mentally. They are both in a sex trafficking organization against their will. Zoe promises to watch out for Angie, but Angie is not cooperating. Mario comes back to try to convince her that his family is being threatened. He is, of course, lying just to get her to comply.

Detectives show Angie’s parents a photo of her they found on a sex trafficking website. The police plan to do a sting operation. A disguised officer goes in and gets a girl to confirm Angie is one of the girls being held captive.

The gang gets word that the police are onto them and relocates the girls. The girl who talked gets her tongue cut out. Then they show the girls photos of their family and threaten to kill them. Mario continues to recruit girls by pretending to be interested in them romantically.

Zoe overhears a deal being made between Deacon and another guy from Florida. He sells Angie for 20K. Angie and Zoe try to escape, but Zoe is caught.

Angie wakes up in a hospital and suffers from severe PTSD. Rachel is assigned as her caseworker to help Angie work through her trauma. Angie struggles to be home and doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror.

If these people weren’t bad enough trafficking underage girls, they also kidnap babies from their mothers. (Ugh! This is tough to watch!) The mother, Nala, is released from captivity by Mario. (Or whoever he is, really.) Giving detectives another person to help find where the girls are being held.

Rachel takes in Nala and another girl Latisha. Latisha is very determined to testify against the people who took her when they are found, but Nala is still being threatened and blackmailed into silence if she ever wants to see her baby again.

Latisha is kidnapped in broad daylight from group therapy, confirming to Angie that she isn’t safe anywhere. Then Angie receives photos of her sister via test message from Deacon. Her family is put into a safe house.

Rachel is a survivor and convinces Angie to testify and help the police. She doesn’t get that chance because Nala gives Mario and Deacon her burner phone number. Angie is taken back to the warehouse but, this time, is tracked by the police.

Deacon shoots Mario in the head and kills him. Ida and Deacon try to move the girls, but the police stop them. Deacon is shot and killed. All the bad guys are apprehended, and the victims are freed.

Zoe is reunited with Rachel and is surprised to see that Ange is the one who saved them all. Nala’s baby was already sold to the black market.

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