The Guilty 2021: A Hurtful Story of a Struggling LAPD Officer

The Guilty 2021: A Hurtful Story of a Struggling LAPD Officer


Introduction – 

Guilty is one of the best crime thriller movies that one can watch. The film is produced and directed by Antoine Fuqua. The film has received a lot of positive reviews from people all around. In the film, Jake the main character’s performance was praised. There is also an original film with the same story and as per some of the critics; this film is still inferior to the original film. This film should be an award-winning film because it shows the story of how a troubled LAPD officer tries to help a mentally ill patient and later is sent to prison for manslaughter. 

Was it Correct for Joey to Help Emily? Was it Correct to Sentence Joey to Prison for Manslaughter? 

This is a very interesting story, but the end of the movie is not that good, because the role played by the LAPD officer i.e. Joey/Jake is a struggling one and all that he was trying to do was to help the mentally challenged woman named Emily. To know more about the suspense thriller movie you should watch the movie. If you check other reviews, you will know that he got a call from a woman who has been kidnapped. But the actual story is that that woman was not well mentally. So, the story becomes more intense and full of suspense or curiosity as to what will happen next, as he tries to save Abbey and Oliver, the two kids of Emily. 

You can check the trailer of the movie online. But there is not much. Also, you can check for the full story of the Guilty in Wiki, if you want to know the complete story. 

The Guilty 2021 Trailer

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