The Gateway: One of the Most Thriller Movie on Drug Robbery: Must Watch

The Gateway: One of the Most Thriller Movie on Drug Robbery: Must Watch

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Some unique movies have come up which are so interesting and exciting to watch that you will be glued to your TV screens. One such thriller movie that you can watch is The Gateway. So, this movie is about a social worker who tries to save a family from one of the members of the family i.e. the husband/father who is out on parole. Besides that come, other people in the story i.e. the drug dealer whose drug stash is with the family. So, the story becomes more complex for the social worker to fight hard with these drug dealers and the (parole) husband to save the family and the kids. 

Reviews by Viewers 

Overall this is a good movie. The characters have all played well. The fight scenes are also quite interesting. The best part about this movie is the character of the social worker who goes to any extent to protect the family which is not his own. It is a compelling film but many people view that it as an uneven film. One of the most ridiculous reviews that you will ever come across is that there are some viewers who wanted some humor in the movie. This is not a humorous movie; it’s a thriller where one is supposed to save others’ families. 

Besides that, many people liked the chemistry in the movie. The dialogues and screenplay are all good. It is a movie where an innocent family falls into the drug robbery and they don’t know how to get out. There is only one helper and that is the social worker. 

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