The Father Who Moves Mountains [Tata muta muntii] 2021 Movie Review, Performance, Cinematography

The Father Who Moves Mountains [Tata muta muntii] 2021 Movie Review, Performance, Cinematography

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FathThe Father Who Moves Mountains 2021 is a film by Daniel S. This is a very beautiful movie, which explores and showcases the depth of a father’s soul when his only son (which is from his first marriage) goes missing in a snow mountain. The Father will do anything to find his lost son, but it is not just the son who missing, there is something more to the story. The movie starts with an aerial view of the Snowy Mountains and then later the scene is about a calm environment, when a phone call drops and everything changes suddenly. Jianu’s son goes missing. 

About the Movies: Performance

Jianu does everything to find his son with the team of officers. Even when it is very cold in the snow and it’s freezing with the weather conditions being blizzard. Soon guilt also overtakes Jianu and he starts thinking as to why he abandoned his son? And many more thoughts cross his mind. Across the not possible huge mountains, his search continues for his son, regardless of the officers telling him that they will search on their own. The performance of the movie is worth watching and is dynamic. The dialogue in the movies is a memorable one. The cinematography is also breathtaking and worth acknowledging,. 

Touching Story and Scenes 

This movie, ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains ‘is based on a real-life story. This story is a very touching story, especially the scene when Jianu is filled with emotions and keeps starring at the frozen tundra of mountain plateau and then he becomes more determined with his search for his son. So, there are many such scenes that are touching and show the love of a father for his child. 

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