The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For 2021 Tv Mini Series

The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For 2021 Tv Mini Series

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We all remember that strange time in the early 2000s when Von Dutch trucker hats were the epitome of fashion. But not many people know the dark, sordid story behind the massively popular label, and Hulu’s new docuseries is uncovering it all.

EW has your exclusive first look at The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For in the trailer above, and it’s got everything from sequined trucker hats and Paris Hilton to… first-degree murder?

The three-part docuseries chronicles the unbelievable true story behind the rise and fall of the aughts’ most iconic fashion trend, in which Venice Beach surfers, gangsters, European garmentos, and Hollywood movers and shakers all vied for control of the infamous brand. But as Von Dutch was pushed from obscurity to one of the most recognizable labels at the time, there was something much more sinister going on behind the scenes. And after a decade of backstabbing, greed, and bloodshed, their lives — and pop culture — would never be the same.

The first episode, “Who Created Von Dutch?” tells the story of a cocaine kingpin and a fledgling gangster who set out to launch a classic Americana fashion brand. Episode 2, “The Art of War,” follows the story as a new investor at Von Dutch sparks creative differences, a series of terminations, and murderous behavior. And the final episode, “Von Douche,” traces Von Dutch’s spiral out of control in the world of fashion as scorned former partners work to sabotage the brand.

Directed by Andrew Renzi, the docuseries features interviews from Ed Boswell, Mike Cassel, Tonny Sorensen, Bobby Vaughn, Niels Juul, Caroline Rothwell, Tracey Mills, Donald Cassel, Matt Rivas, Ricky Ragz, Steven Lowe, Dale Galipo, Dennis Rodman, and Hilton.

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